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Recycle - Upcycle - Upgrade

Piano Removal, Pick-up, Haul Away, Free Piano

It's a common misconception that pianos last forever.  Unfortunately, if it's been stored without heat (say in the garage) not tuned since Reagan was in office and you've figured out how to play around those couple of keys that don't work - it's time to move it on out.

 There are exceptions to the rules, of course. 

If you're not sure if you're ready to send it off to piano heaven, we're happy to evaluate your piano to see if it can be saved.  If it can be, we can help you do that as well.




If it turns out that your old buddy just can't be saved, send it off in style.

Hauling it off to the landfill, or worse yet - giving it to some poor unsuspecting kid for free just aren't great options.

Lucky you - you've come to the right place!



We go the extra mile to make sure every bit of metal is recycled or reused.  We're talking every screw, string, staple... nothing is left behind.


It's some serious work, but it's worth it.




What we don't recycle, we upcycle.


Your old piano could become jewlery, a guitar, a coffee table... oh the possibilities.


It won't become more trash on the planet, or someone else's problem child.
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